In 2004, the Orlando Museum of Art sponsored a Dale Chihuly exhibit that captivated my imagination. I am a glass artist as well as an art instructor so I racked my brain for ways students could create work in keeping with the exhibit that so enthralled me. Glass is too dangerous to bring to the classroom, but I recalled my father, who is a sculptor, showing me how he uses plastic from soda bottles to make armatures for some of his work. I scurried to my classroom with a hair drier and some acrylic paint and after visiting the Chihuly exhibit, my students and I created our first project, a Chihuly-style ceiling, with colorful plastic forms resting on a suspended piece of acrylic sheeting. Since then I have made towers, chandeliers, wreaths, Christmas trees, public installations, and most recently the fascinator in this silly photograph.

Transforming trash into something cherished is inherently hopeful and I never cease to be amazed how the process touches people. Below are a few articles I have written and photos of some things I made and haven't written about yet. Hope you have fun adding your touch. (Hoping to add youtube tutorials soon.)


making floral arrangements

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