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Bonkers for Bentos...

As most of you know I have an obsessive personality and am easily excited, but for almost 2 years I have been researching adorable Japanese Bento boxes.  There is a great site Bentos.com that ships direct from Japan a wide range of bento products. Since I am on the rice diet (down 30 pounds thank you very much) I want to get a really cute lunchbox bento so I can create cute little lunches for myself the night before. I start Christmas shopping VERY early and want to get my four adult children and future SON-IN-LAW! boxes as gifts. I spent hours last night perusing the offerings and have narrowed it down to these two styles. Which do you like the best? I think I have to have BOTH!

My daughters and I have a tradition of Matroyshka dolls and these boxes hold more but...apparently these tiny ones are fun for snacks or taking hummus on picnics. Good grief, I don't even GO on picnics. If I get one of these I think I'll have to start. And how about these convertible chopsticks? Don't get me going....

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