Two Pickle Day

I wrote this when our James was five. In a few weeks he wil be 25! Twentieth anniversary ediion below.


Which party favor? 

 I am designing little party favors for my mother, who at 88 years old, still has big parties in her home! 

Here are her choices:

1.Raffia and bird


2. Leather, chain links, key ring and bird...

4. Just raffia...

5. Leather, chain links with keyring, no bird...

Which is your favorite? I am getting tickled thinking about "Portlandia" 's episode where the shop keepers "Put a bird on it!"

And my kids tease me about this one: She's Making Jewelry Now.


My religious medallions collection...

Some friends stopped by and gave me the nudge I needed to follow through with a project I had in mind. We gathered up all my religious medallions and I set to putting them into two necklaces, one with mostly depicting Madonna along with the other larger medallions. The second necklace includes the smaller colorful religious charms. I attached them with different colors of jumprings. A few of the charms have relics under a tiny bubble of glass on the back. One was chunky and didn't quite fit in with the others, so I treated like a little watch and have it hanging as though from a fob. Now, I am contemplating my celluloid toy collection and the ridiculous number of brass stampings I have. More later!



Not your grandpa's keychain part 2: Earrings!

   I'm still recovering from my hip replacement re-do. I'm not sure what is going on with it, I just know it continues to hurt enough to keep me housebound and seated! I got a hankering to design some new jewelry after a couple of friends stopped by to purchase some pieces. Now I am eager to make some watery transparent beads. Today looks like a perfect day to fire up my torch!


Not your grandpa's keychain! Ball chain and connectors...