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Suffolk County Cultural Arts Center Show, now through Dec.21st

Off we go, on another adventure. John and I packed up my ink paintings, jewelry, and the roll of wonder that has seen so much of this world. So many hands have touched the work: the hands that collected, those that cut, painted and added these blossoms to this pixilated panel, and finally, the hands that view it and can't resist adding their hand, their touch to this big bundle of joy. It has been exhibited in part or whole in Michigan (Grant County Courthouse), Florida (Orange County Admin Building,  Orange County Library, Our very own backyard fence), Sharjah U.A.E for their Summer Arts Exhibit where it withstood blistering 120 degree heat, and now it travels to Suffolk Virginia, home of Planters Peanuts where I visited my great-aunt on many occasions for Sunday dinner.

We arrived to thousands of bottles already cut and painted, a crew staff and volunteers busily working to add more, and piles of empty water bottles ready to be dressed up and put on display.

While we worked to make two chandeliers, Christmas trees and wreaths to fill this space, John and the staff got busy on the installation. The front and center piece is the one that travelled to the Middle East. 


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