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Yoga, cynicism , and a happy Buddah


She stood up before them and shouted, "I am better than all of you! Why? Because I am a cynic. I am better than any fool who believes in things, or fools who believe in anything." Then, her eyes on fire, she cried out : "I don't believe!" And the roomful, everyone of the people there, began a laughter that swallowed the world, swallowed her pride, swallowed her unbelief.  She looked around from the left to the right, from the front of the room to the back. Then, she looked to the ceiling, and it opened up to reveal the blue of a sky that was looking at her. She cast her eyes down in shame and saw her sagging breasts and the rolls of her belly. She could not see her feet, just the tips of her un-groomed toenails. She felt her cheeks flush until her face burned and there was a deafening ringing in her ears, but the tiniest tinkle of bells broke through the ringing. It was the sound of a giggle that broke her heart, and, when it did, roaring laughter erupted from within her. She looked again from side to side, from front to back, and to the very last one, each person in the room had transformed into fat, happy, laughing Buddhas, and she was the happiest and the fattest of all.


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